The Return of Let’s Board Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Return of Let's Board Star Wars: The Old Republic

The original Let’s Board Star Wars: The Old Republic was taken down due to copyright issues with the music. So, with MandaloreGaming’s permission, I re-uploaded his Star Wars: The Old Republic review.

Watch MandaloreGaming’s video on BitChute:

If you don’t want BitChute showing up in your browsing history, you can always watch it on my site (it embeds from there):

Original video:

Partial original description: Collaborated on by a dastardly cabal, the first (and most probably final) Let’s Board video aims to let the viewer submerge themselves in the…

Let’s Board Star Wars: The Old Republic

Welcome gamers. So this is a recently restored old video MandaloreGaming did waaaaay back in the day, and I voiced the intro sequence of it in my Stanry Roo voice.

The review got taken down years later because of the music. Not shortly before that however, the video’s copy got messed up visually because of the aspect ratio tags that were applied when it was first uploaded. This version is pretty much an exact copy with the aspect ratio fixed to the original 16:9 format.

View directly on BitChute.

“Forever Marilyn” (National Harbor, MD)

"Forever Marilyn" (National Harbor, MD)

This is the sculpture of Marilyn Monroe at National Harbor, Maryland. It was given the name “Forever Marilyn” by the sculptor, J. Seward Johnson. It’s a part of the National Harbor art collection, and as you can see, she looks great in the rain!