Terms of Service / Privacy Policy

Terms of Service / Privacy Policy

On YT VICO, I track visitors of the website through a WordPress plugin. It records log-in attempts, page(s) accessed, browser information, internet protocol address (IP address) and approximate IP location. I generally do not share this information with third parties, except in the following circumstances:

  • The user is reasonably inferred to be a “commercial” user, that is representing a business, organization, or product that is the subject of coverage on this website. I do not consider individual people covered by YT VICO commercial users.
  • The user is using the website abusively; that is, attempting log-ins, spamming, referrer-spam etc.

The plugin displays information for 14 days, after which it is purged.

I reserve the right to block access at my discretion to spammers or abusive users. Users may not scape my website or videos to put behind a paywall.

I use Google Analytics for metrics, who have their own privacy policy. You may, at your own discretion, opt-out of Google’s tracking by installing their browser extension here, or by using your own extension or add-on. For more comprehensive blocking on all sites, I recommend Privacy Badger.

Google Analytics stores metric data on behalf of YT VICO for 14 months, the minimum retention setting. Per our selection, it does not use such data for marketing purposes.

Use of text content, such as video descriptions, reviews or blog-posts, is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. All other forms of content appearing on this blog should be presumed copyrighted. With that said, I will always try to work with people if they want to use my content non-commercially, just send me a message on YouTube. You can also fair-use any of my Let’s Plays or other videos without having to ask for permission.

For CSGO Competitive Extreme’s Data Policy, click here.

Terms last updated: June 10, 2018